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Favorite Features
  1. Opening an Account
    To open an account, simply click on the "join Free" button and create a username and enter your email address where a password can be sent. Then change the password to some only you set up. Login this way in the future.
  2. Browsing Free vs. Buying Shows
    You can browse for free after you've received your password and chat with models. But to direct a show of enter the explicit chat area, you must have a payment method on file.
  3. Payment Methods
    Secure payment processor will appear on your bill. This allows you to use a debit, credit or paypal for loading play money. Emails are sent instantly to advise you of a payment processed or purchase.
  4. Using the Support Chat or Phone support.
    There is professional support staff just one click away on live chat. A representative will guide you on understanding and solving your inquiry by live chat or by calling the 1-800 number. Stay in good standing with the support central.
  5. Spending Limits & Rewards
    Spending limits are pre-set. You may have the option of increasing the spending limit or setting it yourself as a daily limit. You will receive money back for being a regular spender in a particular room, 11 reward levels allow you get some of your money back.
  6. Get text and email when she logs on.
    Set yourself up to receive texts and emails when your favorite model logs on by scrolling to the account settings and activating those features.
  7. Charges are based on your purchases.
    Be attentive to your features and your selections. chargebacks are not processed or honored ever. Once you make a purchase its final so be selective and smart about your choices.
  8. Mobile Feature & tablets or cell phones.
    Using the c2c feature is not possible with cell phones or tablets, nor can you buy a block session or use the phone feature. But you can watch shows and send tips even offline in either private or exclusive chat.
  9. Exclusive Chat & Gold Shows.
    Exclusive chat is a one on one selected private session where you can be alone with the model and direct a show or other exclusive features the model offers. Gold shows offer you a discounted timed show with other members participating.
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