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   AtinaAquitane is a solo (anonymous themed) adult entertainment Star.
Well known to the adult industry Atina Aquitane retired from the Club scene in 2009 to focus on her growing audience on the world wide web. Since September of 2008, Atina Aquitane has established a popular anonymous themed sex mistress persona who intrigues all viewers without exception.

Her experienced performance and friendly attitude keeps them coming back.

Take a look at some of her over 200 reviews to decide on taking a chance with Atina for an online encounter. Or consider the fact she's been entertaining over three decades, ten of which are right here in this chatroom. Yet, don't let this experience shy you away because you will agree as most viewers do,  find her "Yummy" "Looking better than ever" are some of the live comments she gets from members. 

Enjoy a private or exclusive live virtual show in the comfort of your own home in the privacy of your desires. Share your thoughts and feelings as well as some intimacy with this virtual entertainer. 


                       Maybe a kiss before I leave you this way"
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